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Dynamic Mail Communicator™ - The most powerful bulk email marketing software that sends high volume personalized email marketing campaign to your clients and subscribers. Keeping in touch with your customers so that they coming back to buy from you.

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Dynamic Mail Communicator™
Maximizing Lifetime Value of your Customers...
Automated bulk email marketing campaign at your fingertips

Dynamic Mail Communicator™ is the most simple and user-friendly automated email marketing software that allows you to create, manage and track results of your permission based bulk email campaigns and newsletter distributions. Our email software offers solutions for high volume personalized email with powerful additional features that will help your business make the maximum profit from direct email marketing.

Dynamic Mail Communicator enables mail merge, opt in email list management, email newsletters, email announcements, email list hosting, direct email campaigns, and email discussion groups. No other opt in email software on the market can beat its price/features ratio and the best thing is that you don't need any technical knowledge to start making use of its strong capabilities.

Marketing by e-mail is probably the most effective way to attract new customers, keep in touch with existing ones and cut costs. You can easily start building profitable customer relationships today by executing effective, personalized and timely bulk email campaigns with this powerful all-in-one email marketing software. Download it now and start getting the benefit from email marketing revenues today.

Dynamic Mail Communicator™ is the Ultimate direct email marketing software and Spam free Bulk email marketing tool, which is designed to increase ROI (Return On Investment) for your Business.

Step-By-Step Tutorial of Dynamic Mail Communicator
Tutorial with Flash Movie for Dynamic Mail Communicator that will guide you through a step-by-step process.
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Dynamic Mail Communicator™ Powerful Email Marketing Features


Easily build and manage your contact lists
» Import & create mailing list from MS Outlook address book or mail folder such as Netscape, Eudora
» Import & create mailing list from MS Excel, CSV file
» Import & create mailing list from online of local XML file.
» Import & create mailing list from database MS Access, MS SQL Server, and generic ODBC connections

» Create high impact personalized emails and newsletters for your email marketing
Dynamic Mail Communicator™ includes many features designed to increase message relevance and impact, use them to increase response to your email marketing campaigns and generate new and repeat revenue for your business.
» Sends personalized email messages to unlimited mailing lists, insert mailing list fields to subject or body of your messages.
» Supports both Plain Text and Rich Text(HTML) message format
» Support mail attachments
» Pre-formatted customized message template
» Multilingual support
» Launch and schedule your bulk email marketing campaigns with total control
Delivering a sequence of messages at the right time to your list will help you to build strong relationships with your customers. Dynamic Mail Communicator™ will allow you total control of the timing of your email marketing campaign.
» Schedule an email marketing campaign at a specified time or specified time interval
» Email Bounce-Back Management
»  Soft-remove for "full mailbox or exceeded mailbox quota"
»  Remove bounce back e-mail, if it has been bounced back twice.

Process messages automatically with message rules
»  Run autoresponders from your desktop
Run intelligent autoresponder system from your desktop PC, no need to pay for a monthly based subscription autoresponder services
»  Run opt in mailing list and subscribe unsubscribe system newsletter mailing list server from your desktop
»  Mailing list sorting and de-duplication (remove duplicates automatically)
»  Process web form with mailing list.
»  Send messages to people in web form.

» More advanced sending functions
» Directly send from MS Excel file, MS Outlook address book, SQL, XML
» Send message using "Send Rules" you specified
» Multiple keyword filter when sending emails
» Support BCC mode for faster email sending
» Check email addresses against the "remove list" before sending them.
» Check your mailbox directly from the server
»  Checks incoming email headers before downloading
»  Remove email directly from the server
»  Auto-create a mailing list or Remove list from incoming emails
» Support Multi Thread & Built-in SMTP Mail Server
» Test mail account settings before saving
» Dynamic Email Validator to validate and clean up your mailing list
» Advance Features
Dynamic Email Validator
to validate and clean up your mailing list
»  Email Tracker
to track your email campaign performance statistic for opens, clicks, sales and ROI

Here is an example of personalized email

automated direct bulk email marketing software and mailing list management software
When you sending the message, Dynamic Mail Communicator™ will merge all of the appropriate information with your mailing list, so that email marketing message received by recipient will look like this:

  Mail Communicator™
Evaluation Version
Mail Communicator™
Standard Edition
Mail Communicator™
Professional Edition
Mail Communicator™
Enterprise Edition
FREE US$129.95 US$199.95 US$299.95
Suitable for
Evaluation purpose only.
30 days trial period
Sends 500 emails only
Small business or web marketers to manage their own email marketing campaign
Business to send large emails, or consultants to provide email marketing solution for their clients.
The high level professional or consultant to provide email marketing solution for their clients or manage their email marketing campaigns
No. of Email Accounts
Number of Emails per month
FREE on going support
30 Days money back guarantee

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